What A Year!

Dear Friend,

As we near the end of 2020, we are taking a moment to reflect on what has certainly been a historic year. We are thankful for the generosity of individuals like you that allows the OI Foundation to continue providing programs and services that benefit all members of the OI community. We have worked hard to pivot and expand our programs to meet the needs of the OI community during this global crisis and want to share a few of our accomplishments this year. Please click here to view the OIF’s list of accomplishments.

If you have not had the chance to remember us with a gift this time of year, please take a moment to do so at  www.oif.org/donate. Thank you again for your support!

NHC & NMQF Health Equity Consensus Statement

Last week, the National Health Council (NHC) and National Minority Quality Forum (NMQF) released a Consensus Statement. We are proud to announce that the OI Foundation is one of the 58 Voluntary Health Agency member organizations that signed the Statement.

The Consensus Statement serves as a public commitment to reduce inequities within the health care system. Specifically, we are committing to: 

  • Promote an inclusive, equitable, accessible, and high-quality care delivery system; 
  • Advocate for equitable access to affordable and comprehensive health insurance coverage; 
  • Partner with organizations that have a track record in addressing social determinants of health to reduce health disparities; and 
  • Collaborate with the biomedical and health-services research and the health economics ecosystem to support equity in development and valuation of new and innovative treatments and services. This includes the collection and reporting of demographic factors in research to include race, disability status, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation and gender identity, and other factors to help identify and eliminate biases. 

Click here to read the full Consensus Statement on Health Equity.

The OI Foundation has moved!

We have a new address!

The OI Foundation headquarters has moved to:

656 Quince Orchard Road, #650, Gaithersburg, MD 20878.

After 30 years in our old office space, we were ready for a change. We are so excited to announce we have moved to a new office space just down the road! Don’t worry, our phone number is still the same: 301-947-0083.

Breakthrough Newsletter: Fall 2020

Have you had a chance to read the latest issue of Breakthrough?

The most recent newsletter features important updates from the OI Foundation including:
•    OIF Virtual Conference 2020
•    COVID-19 Resources
•    Programs for Medical Professionals
•    Current Research
•    OIF Information Center Updates

Click here to read this issue of Breakthrough!

COVID-19 Survey Results

Thank you to the 199 community members who filled out OIF’s COVID-19 survey to help us better understand how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting families and individuals living with OI. Your responses will help shape future OIF programs.

Important Findings:

  • A large portion of the OI community has become less active. Health advocates believe that “movement is life.” Therefore, the OIF will provide new opportunities to encourage OI-appropriate exercises and activities.
  • The OIF recommends that community members take the flu and Pneumovax vaccines in order to maintain the best possible pulmonary health. Of note, many pharmacies are offering drive-thru vaccine stations. To view locations where you can receive a flu shot in your area, use the Vaccine Finder at www.vaccinefinder.org.
  • Anxiety and/or depression have been a challenge for many individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic. The OI Foundation has held two community calls on this topic, focusing on resiliency and self-care (available at www.oif.org/podcast) as well as sharing numerous resources for addressing the pandemic, and will continue to offer similar events in the future.

To view the full COVID-19 Survey results, click here.

The impact of the pandemic is changing daily. We will be sending a second survey out in early 2021, so, if you missed the first survey, please be sure to enroll for the next one! To complete the survey, you must be a member of the OI Registry



Introducing Gemma’s Corner

Gemma Geisman, founder of the OIF, was creative, passionate, and a wonderful listener. She listened to learn about you, she listened to find out how to help you, and she listened because she cared about you.

Today, on Gemma’s birthday, we are excited to announce the OIF’s newest program, Gemma’s Corner, in her memory. Gemma’s Corner will encourage the OI community to keep sharing with each other, caring for each other, and providing support to one another. Your story just might be exactly what a fellow OI community member needs to hear.

For more information, or to share your story, please contact Jessica at jransome@oif.org.

Order Delicious Popcorn & Support the OIF!

The OI Foundation’s Double Good Popcorn Store is BACK!

You asked, we listened!
So many of you have asked to order more, we brought the OIF Double Good Popcorn Store back THIS WEEK ONLY! Not only will delicious popcorn be delivered to your doorstep, but 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the OI Foundation.
Orders can be made starting at 12:00pm ET on Tuesday, December 8 until 12:00pmET on Saturday, December 12.



If you would like to create your own virtual popcorn store for the OIF, download the DoubleGood app or visit https://popup.doublegood.com/s/yhcjcy and use code: FSP GRC. Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to purchase popcorn from your store this week!
Thank you for your support!