The OI Foundation offers several resources for connecting with individuals with OI and OI families. All of the resources listed below allow participants to ask questions, share information, and offer mutual support to others.

OI Foundation Official Facebook Page
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OI Community Forum Facebook Group 
Join the OI Community Facebook Forum discussion page for the OI community. Please note: In order to view and participate in  Facebook groups, you will need an active Facebook account.



About the OI Support Group Program
The OI Foundation recognizes the value of creating a space where members of the OI community can share their personal experiences, and both receive and provide support. For many years, OI Support Groups met in person, but with advancements in technology, some of the groups have chosen to meet virtually in recent years. The OIF is now expanding this important program to ensure that everyone in the US has the opportunity to connect either by geography or by interest.

The goal of the OI Support Group Program is to provide a space for sharing, educating, and socializing.

  • Sharing allows participants to talk about their experiences and feelings and offer each other mutual support and encouragement.
  • Education occurs when group members receive new information on topics of interest.
  • Social time provides unstructured opportunity for members to enjoy each other’s company.

The OIF Support Group Program is divided into five Regional Groups (Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Midwest, and West). OIF Regional Support Groups help foster a sense of community and provide regional-based information to OI community members in specific regions. With support from OIF staff, each OIF Support Group is led by OI community members.

See below for information on your Regional Support Group Leaders and upcoming meetings in your region!

Upcoming Regional Support Group Meeting!

Northeast: June 28, 2024; 7:00-8:00pm ET
Register HERE

Southeast: Next meeting details coming soon…

Midwest: Next meeting details coming soon…

Southwest: Next meeting details coming soon…

WestNext meeting details coming soon…

Regional Support Group Leader Contact Information

RegionSupport Group Leader Email Phone
Northeast Carol Kessler luisecarolk@gmail.com914-953-0097
NortheastDianne McNeil Dianne.Northeast@yahoo.com774-266-0771
Southeast Gail Bunker SoutheastRSG@gmail.com407-405-5371
Southeast Susie SoutheastRSG@gmail.com914-261-8025
MidwestDiane AlbrechtmidwestRSG@gmail.com847-970-1353
MidwestJessica Minor midwestRSG@gmail.com317-402-6858
SouthwestKelli Druesselswregionoif@gmail.com309-310-1636
West Diane Wysockiwest.RSG@gmail.com206-713-7208
West Liana Tetebergwest.RSG@gmail.com435-714-0000


OIF State-Based Contacts

Below is a list of State-based contacts. State-based contacts are community-members that people can reach out to connect with someone in their state.

State/AreaContactEmailPhone numbers
ArizonaBarbara Hicks
Lauri Alexander
ColoradoChristina 964-4250
Florida Breanna Coleman
Samantha Coleman
(813) 365-2687
(813) 928-7004
IllinoisJean Grys
(309) 353-4988
KentuckyCheryl Pena
(859) 744-3679
Massachusetts (South Shore)Cheryl 292-0562
New JerseyRicky Britner Jr.
New MexicoCurtiss 750-8207
Iowa Kyle Thompson
Ohio Erin Szavuly
(419) 824-3685
PA (Pittsburgh)Chaz Kellem
Nikki Watson
(412) 913-6357
TexasAmie Ludwigamieludwig1@yahoo.c(214) 334-9683
WashingtonDiane Wysocki (Regional Support Group Leader) 713-7208
WisconsinDaniel (414) 383-4777