COVID-19 Survey 3 Results

Thank you to all of the 577 OI community members who took the time to fill out the OI Foundation’s third COVID-19 survey! Our goal in gathering the community’s input is to provide feedback during the changing landscape of COVID-19 and direct the OIF’s resources where most needed. CLICK HERE to view the full survey results and important findings.


To complete future surveys about OI, we highly encourage you to sign up for the OI Registry at to be the first to hear about these opportunities.

OIF Mask Recommendations

March 14, 2022

While mask guidelines are being eased across the United States, the OI Foundation recommends, with guidance from our medical experts, that families and individuals with OI consider maintaining COVID-19 preventative measures like public mask wearing and social distancing beyond the lifting of mandates. Individuals with OI are still more likely to experience more severe symptoms from COVID-19. For more information on your community’s current COVID-19 level, please check the CDC’s county map for updates.

Additionally, mask wearing in public settings has proven benefits beyond COVID-19 prevention. Rates of influenza (flu) and all other lung infections have dramatically declined with the implementation of public mask mandates. Pulmonary complications are a leading cause of death for people with OI, so respiratory health preventative measures may be beneficial for many, even if COVID-19 is no longer a concern for the OI community.

COVID-19 Survey

The OI Foundation has created a third COVID-19 Survey focused on how the Omicron variant and the pandemic are impacting the OI community. All individuals with OI are encouraged to complete the survey. Responses are anonymous and will help guide future OIF programs.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey at

The survey will be open until March 1, 2022.