A Fun Event for the Whole Community

Organizing an OI Foundation Blue Jeans for Better Bones Day event or campaign is EASY, FUN and EXCITING!

Hosting a Blue Jeans for Better Bones Day is as easy as 1-2-3! 

  1. Invite members of your office, school, or church (or your friends!) to join your BJBB team.  You can use this poster to spread the word.
  2. Everyone on your team will donate an agreed upon gift amount of $3, $5, or $10. 
  3. On the day your team chooses to run its campaign, all participants wear blue jeans and their awareness sticker or wristband to show their support for the OI community.

The great thing about this campaign is that you can tailor it to meet your specific needs. Blue Jeans for Better Bones (BJBB) day can be done anytime during the year. Already wear blue jeans to work?  Dress up!  Make it Hawaiian theme day or sports jersey day! Not allowed to “dress down”? Wear an OI awareness bracelet or a blue shirt. Stickers and promotional materials for your campaign are provided by the OI Foundation and can be ordered by emailing Melissa at mbonardi@oif.org.

Begin planning your Blue Jeans for Better Bones Day today! Click here to Register!

Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Most of these programs match contributions dollar for dollar, and some will even double or triple the amount of your gift. Please check with your company's human resources department to see if it sponsors a matching gift program that will match your gift to the OI Foundation.

Contact Melissa at mbonardi@oif.org with any questions.