Webinar: Accessible Travel 101

With the OIF National Conference 2024 happening this summer, the OI Foundation invited OI community members to attend a webinar on accessible travel. Speakers Aaron Busch and Joshua Werner shared information about research, planning, and commencing a trip for the wheelchair-dependent traveler.


Aaron Busch 

Aaron is a seasoned Accessible Travel Specialist with over four years of industry expertise, coupled with a rich twenty-year journey through the lens of a firsthand disability perspective.

Joshua Werner 

Joshua, whose adventurous spirit and life with Osteogenesis Imperfecta has taken him across continents – from the castles of Scotland to the landscapes of South Africa. Traveling with a service dog and a power wheelchair, Joshua’s journey through countries like England, Germany, Ireland, and Canada, as well as extensive travels within the United States, have equipped him with a wealth of practical insights.