COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

As the COVID-19 vaccine is slowly becoming available, your local health department determines how COVID-19 vaccines are distributed in your state. Each state is handling the distribution and determining eligibility differently. Listed below are the links to each state’s health department website with up to date information on where and how to receive the vaccine.  Please work with your physician to decide if you will receive the vaccine.

In December, the OI Foundation spoke with a COVID-19 vaccine researcher and other experts to answer your questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. If you were unable to attend this session, please click here to watch the recorded session

To learn more about the availability of the vaccine and where to receive it in your area, please click the link for your state listed below. 

The OI Foundation is making every effort to provide the most up-to-date information about the COVID-19 pandemic for the OI community. To view resources and updates from the OIF, please visit