OIF Book Club Reading Program

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The OIF Book Club is for students, adults and readers alike who enjoy the company of a good book and want to help support the work of the OIF. Your participation directly support the OIF’s mission to improve the quality of life for those living with osteogenesis imperfecta through research, education, awareness and mutual support.


Find the reading program that works for you!

1. Create your OIF Book Club profile page by clicking the Register Now button at the top of the page.

2. Find your sponsors! Ask your family members and friends to support your reading efforts. You can have as many sponsors as you want!

3. Raise money! For every book you read, have your sponsor(s) match it with a donation. The more books you read, the more money you will raise! Fill in your reading log to collect their pledges. Or invite your sponsors to make a straight donation to the OIF.

4. Win big! The more you read, the more money you raise, and the more prizes you can win! Once you have registered, download your pledge tracker, reading log and bookmark to get started! Contact Christina at cteufert@oif.org or 301-947-0083 to let us know your fundraiser has ended.

Kids Reading Program

Win cool prizes! The more you read, the more money you raise, and the more prizes you can win! When your fundraiser has ended, prizes will be mailed to your home.

School Reading Program

Win cool prizes! Prizes will be mailed to your school and are earned individually. If your classroom raises more than $2,000 the OIF will provide your classroom with a pizza party on any day of your choosing!

Letter for Parents and Guardians

Adults Reading Program

Win big! For every $1,000 raised, you will receive a 32G Kindle Paperwhite.

Reading Group

Connect with other adult OIF Book Clubbers by joining the OIF Book Club Reading Group on Facebook! Use this space to share what you’re reading, how you’re fundraising, book recommendations, or even find people to start a virtual book club with. Click here to join!



Contact Christina Teufert at cteufert@oif.org