National OI Awareness Week is May 6 – 13, 2023!

National OI Awareness Week is a week dedicated to raising awareness for OI and sharing your Unbreakable Spirit®. OI Awareness Week is scheduled around Wishbone Day (May 6), the international OI Awareness Day.  Each year during National OI Awareness Week, OI community members request state proclamations, hang flyers, hold events, and share social media posts to raise OI awareness.

How will YOU raise OI awareness this week?

Raise OI Awareness 

Proclaim National OI Awareness Week in your state!
To request a proclamation in your state, CLICK HERE, then follow the steps listed.

Raise OI Awareness on Social Media
Last year, we reached people on social media across the globe during National OI Awareness Week! We need your help to reach even more this year! Be sure to like and share our #OIawarenessweek posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter throughout the week!

*New this year!* Not sure what to post? Check out the OI Awareness Week Social Media Toolkit for sample posts and graphics to share!

Share Your OI Story
One of the best ways to raise awareness of osteogenesis imperfecta is to share your OI story and experiences. Gemma’s Corner, created in memory of OIF Founder Gemma Geisman, is a place where OI community members can share their OI story, as well as listen to others. Click here to listen to OI community member stories in Gemma’s Corner. We want to hear from you! To share your story, please record a 3 to 5 minute video and send it to For more information, or if you need assistance recording or sending in your video, please contact the OI Foundation.

Support the OI Foundation

Create a Facebook Fundraiser
Invite your family and friends to join you in raising OI awareness and supporting the OI Foundation during National OI Awareness Week by creating a fundraiser for the OI Foundation on Facebook! Click here to get started!

Shop the OIF’s Online Store!
Have you ordered OI awareness apparel from the OI Foundation’s online store? With adult, youth, toddler, and infant sizes, there is something for everyone! Support the OI Foundation and shop now at

Mark Your Calendar

May 6, 2023
Wishbone Day (International OI Awareness Day)
Wear your yellow in celebration of Wishbone Day! Each year on Wishbone Day, the OI Foundation shares facts about OI on social media every hour. Make sure you are following the OI Foundation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you can help us raise OI awareness worldwide by liking and sharing every #SHAREforAWARENESS #OIawareness post!

May 6, 2023
Tee Time at Fine Wines Strong Bones DC
The OIF is excited to announce that the 23rd annual Fine Wines Strong Bones DC will be held on Saturday, May 6th at Top Golf National Harbor! This indoor/outdoor venue is perfect for our first in-person event after two years of virtual galas. Learn more!

May 9, 2023
Chat with the OIF! 
Join OI Foundation CEO Tracy Hart and OIF Board President Ted Trahan for a virtual get-together during National OI Awareness Week! Participants will hear about OIF programs and have the opportunity to connect with fellow OI community members. We hope you will join us for this Zoom event! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

We can’t wait to celebrate National OI Awareness Week with you!

We need YOUR help to proclaim National OI Awareness Week (May 6 – 13, 2023) in every state!

To request a proclamation in your state, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on your state below.
  2. Suggested Proclamation Request Language and Suggested Proclamation language are available here. If required, you may copy/paste this into your proclamation request form.
  3. When you receive your proclamation, please send an electronic version to If you did not receive an electronic version, please send a photo of the mailed proclamation.




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If you have any questions, please contact Gabriela at

One of the most effective (and free!) ways to raise awareness during National OI Awareness Week (May 6-13, 2023) is through social media. Please join us in bringing attention to this important week by sharing OIF posts, facts about OI, your OI story, and information about OIF programs and events on your social media pages including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

We have provided sample posts for your use below. Stay connected with the OI Foundation and OI community by using the hashtags #OIawarenessweek and #UnbreakableSpirit in your posts.

Sample Posts:

Guidelines for Use: OI Awareness Week logos and graphics may be used for educational and informational purposes in relation to OI Awareness Week. These graphics may not be used to endorse products/services or to solicit funds.

Click here to download these graphics from Dropbox.


National OI Awareness Week

These graphics are perfect to remind your friends and family that a very special week is coming up!


Sample posts:

  • National OI Awareness Week is May 6-13! Please join me in raising awareness and support for a community that is so special to me! #OIawarenessweek #UnbreakableSpirit
  • I can’t wait for #OIawarenessweek! I will be raising OI awareness by…. I hope you will join me by….
  • National OI Awareness Week begins tomorrow! I will be raising OI awareness and hope you will do the same! To raise OI awareness this week, I will… [YOUR RESPONSE HERE]. This is important to me because … For more information on how you can raise awareness and support the OIF this week, visit #OIawarenessweek #UnbreakableSpirit

Facts about OI

OI is a rare disease that your social media friends may not know much about, or even heard of! OI Awareness Week is the perfect time to share facts about OI!


Sample posts:

  • Do you know what osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is? OI is a rare and complex genetic disorder of the collagen that is often characterized by bones that break easily. While the major feature of OI is bones that break easily, many other body systems may be affected and individuals with OI may experience dental issues, hearing loss, muscle weakness, cardiac and respiratory issues. OI is highly variable, ranging from few symptoms and fractures to a form that is lethal at birth. Learn more about OI at #OIawarenessweek #UnbreakableSpirit
  • What causes OI? OI is caused by a mutation (change) in a gene that codes for type I collagen, the major protein present in bone. These mutations affect bone composition, formation, and strength, as well as the structure of other tissues. Learn more at #OIawarenessweek #UnbreakableSpirit


Learn More!

Share resources on your social media pages for your friends, family, and followers to learn more about OI.


Sample posts:

  • The OI Foundation’s goal is to provide information for OI community members, medical professionals, and caregivers. The OIF’s online Information Center includes medically verified information about OI, OI publications, video resources, and fact sheets. Learn more about OI and the programs of the OI Foundation at #OIawarenessweek #SHAREforAWARENESS
  • Raising awareness of OI is so important, especially during National OI Awareness Week! One of the best ways to understand is to ask questions! Do you have questions about OI? I’ll do my best to answer them and share my experiences! #OIawarenessweek #UnbreakableSpirit

Share Your Story

During OI Awareness Week, your friends and family want to hear from YOU! One of the best ways to raise OI awareness among your friends, family, and community is to share your OI story!


Share your relationship and experience with OI, what having OI means to you, or a personal story.

How to Support the OI Community

Your friends, family, and fellow OI community members may want to support National OI Awareness Week, but are not sure where to begin! Share this list of 5 simple ways to participate in this special week!

Sample post:

  • There are so many ways to get involved in National OI Awareness Week! It would mean the world to me if my family, friends, and followers would join me in raising awareness for OI this week. For more information about how you can get involved, please visit #OIawarenessweek


Click here to download these graphics from Dropbox.