Cooking & Conversation

Join the OIF this holiday season for a two-part food, cooking, nutrition and health series with Culinary Nutritionist + Author of What The Fork Are You Eating, Stefanie Sacks, MS, CNS, CDN!

🍽️Part 1: December 2nd, 7pm ET

Education Around the Table (EAT) is an opportunity to address your food lifestyle related questions and concerns. So bring your thoughts to the table because nothing is off-limits! Register for Part 1 now at

🍽️Part 2: December 6th, 7pm ET

Edible Invitation: Clean Cooking, Clean Eating Stefanie will lead a cooking demo and dialogue with OI community member Susie Wilson as her cooking partner! Stefanie will explore adaptable culinary techniques, one-pot meals, food storage ideas and so much more. All skill sets are welcome from beginners to self-proclaimed master chefs! Register for Part 2 now at Recipe can be found here.