Help fulfill the COIS mission of building awareness, education & support to persons with OI, their families & community in Canada

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Aims of the COIS:

  • To provide emotional support on a personal level for parents and people with OI
  • To fully acquaint medical personnel, hospitals, educational institutions, and social agencies with all facets of osteogenesis imperfecta
  • To encourage and foster Canadian medical research into the underlying causes of OI
  • To keep an up-to-date library of literature both medical and general, pertaining to OI
  • To promote an understanding and awareness of brittle bones by the general public
  • To establish and maintain a confidential central registry of OI patients
  • To solicit and receive funds to carry out the aims of the Canadian Osteogenesis Imperfecta Society

Board Of Directors:

President and Chair
S. Jacinta Whyte

Sara Reed

David Turnbull

Medical Advisor
Francis Glorieux, OC, MD, PhD

Cameron R. Penn

Kristin Hayes

Sarah Kamal

Natalie Coultice Matthews