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POWER UP – The Power of Gaming and Unbreakable Spirit®!

What is POWER UP?

POWER UP is an online gaming event with the goal of engaging your gaming skills and challenging each other to competitive heights, all while raising funds for the OIF.

How will it work?

It’s an event you can do from the comfort of your Captain’s chair, with your favorite voice activated microphone/headset and souped up machine of a computer.  Set up your live stream, sign up a team or yourself as an individual and set your sights on achieving the most wins or highest score on your favorite online game.  Challenge friends and family to contribute to your team’s fundraising goal for each game you win or high score you rock!

When does POWER UP take place?

Gaming times are your choice, but plan to really crank it up on May 16th, riding the high of OI Awareness the previous week.

Where do I sign up myself or my team to play?

Click the button at the top of this page to register as an individual, create a team or join a team.

What is osteogenesis imperfecta?

Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) is a genetic bone disorder characterized by fragile bones that break easily. It is also known as “brittle bone disease.” Osteogenesis imperfecta literally means “bone that is imperfectly made from the beginning of life.” A person is born with OI, and is affected throughout his or her lifetime.

OI is a lifelong disorder, and occurs equally among males and females and across racial groups. It is estimated that approximately 25,000 to 50,000 people in the U.S. have OI.

What is Save Point?

Save Point Minnesota (savepointmn.net) has the mission to host affordable and educational gaming events in an effort to give back to the community and those in need. Thank you Save Point for helping organize this event.


Other questions?

See the FAQs here. And don’t wait – Gamers, start your engines and POWER UP with The Power of Gaming and Unbreakable Spirit®! 


What is the format and platform?

The format is streaming to your computer. Streaming can be on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube or other streaming service of your choice.

How do I set up live streaming?

See these articles for details on how to set up live streaming


How do my supporters find my stream?

Each team or individual can set up their own page on the OIF POWER UP web site. www.oif.org/campaign/powerup Provide a link to your stream on your own custom page. Then, engage with your Instagram, SnapChat, FaceBook and other favorite social media sites to let your supporters know.

Are there images I can use for my stream graphics and overlays?

Absolutely! You can email Christina at the OI Foundation to request the images. 

Can I participate without streaming?

Yes. If your equipment is not set up for streaming, lend your support to other teams on the OIF POWER UP web site.

What equipment is needed?

If you are streaming note that the following items must be setup prior to the event.

  • a gaming device,
  • an external microphone or gaming headset
  • webcam
  • internet connection
  • Twitch, YouTube Gaming or Mixer account plus Open Broadcast Software (OBS)
  • At least one game title!

If you are supporting a streaming individual or team, any gaming computer should be sufficient.

How do my supporters donate?

Supporters navigate to your personal or team page on the OIF POWER UP web site and complete the online donation there.  One hundred percent of the proceeds go directly to the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation.

Can supporters make recurring donations?


Are there other incentives for supporters to give?

Let your imagination be your guide! Streamers often offer personalized incentives to their fanbase. For example, some streamers dress in crazy costumes if fans hit a fund raising goal.

What if my team or I am not available on May 16?

May 16 is the date when we enjoy the camaraderie of gaming together, but you don’t have to wait! Create your individual or team page and POWER UP on your own timeline.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit. If you are under 16 please get permission from your parent or guardian.

Is a tax receipt provided for donations?

A receipt will be displayed upon completion of the donation process. Supporters should print or save a copy of the receipt at the time of their donation.