Bone China Tea 2019

 Join your fellow members of the OI community to come together to enjoy a cup of tea - no matter where you live. Our Bone China Tea program makes this possible!

The best part is, there is no event to plan! You don't have to rent a space, hire a caterer, or plan entertainment. Simply invite your guests to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea at home and then make a gift to the OI Foundation with the money they may have saved by not going out to a real event. Bone China Tea participants can contribute to the OIF’s awareness, support and research efforts by enjoying a cup of tea in the comfort of their own home – we even provide the tea bag! All you pay for is the postage when sending your Bone China Tea invitations to your friends and family.

While we do have a National Date for Bone China Tea each year, feel free to host a Bone China Tea party any day you prefer! We would like to extend a special thanks to everyone who participated in National Bone China Tea 2019 during OI Awareness Week on May 8, 2019! 

There are two ways to invite your friends and family to participate:

  1. Set up your own personal web page by clicking the Host a Bone China Tea Party button. Edit your page to tell your OI story and then send your invitations via e-mail or share your page on social media.
  2. Order printed invitations - complete with a tea bag - by contacting Melissa Bonardi at or 301-947-0083.