Adults Social Hour

Adults Social Hour

Join us on Saturday, July 10th at 7:30pm ET for your favorite conference social session, the Adults Social Hour! Whether you are new to an OIF conference or a longtime veteran, everyone is welcome to attend.

During the social hour, you will have the opportunity to sip and swirl your way through a Virtual Wine Tasting (shopping list below), solve your way out of a Virtual Escape Room, or prove one’s innocence in the Murder Mystery Room led by OI community member, Susie Richard. There will also be additional breakout rooms for you to mingle with fellow conference attendees and catch up with old friends.

To register to attend the Adults Social Hour, click here.

For more information or questions, please contact Christina Teufert at

Virtual Wine Tasting

During the Adults Social Hour, you will have the opportunity to participate in a Virtual Wine Tasting from Total Wines & More! In this breakout room, attendees will enjoy a 15-minute presentation from a Total Wines & More wine extraordinaire while enjoying three perfect wines for summer. If you wish to participate, please order your wines ahead of time and download the tasting sheets below. Following the presentation, attendees are welcome to stay in the room and chat with fellow conference attendees.

Shopping List:

Armani Prosecco DOCG, Dom Loubejac Pinot Noir Willamette 2019, Olema Rose Cotes De Provence 2020

Click the links below to download your individual tasting notes:

Armani Prosecco DOCG, Dom Loubejac Pinot Noir Willamette 2019, Olema Rose Cotes De Provence 2020

Murder Mystery Room

During the Adults Social Hour you will have the opportunity to witness a murder… just kidding! Please Join the Balderdashes on Saturday night for an hour and a half of sleuthing and accusations as our Detective Inspector Napp, assisted by Suzanne Richard and her fellow sleuths Ann Marie Geiger, J.P. Richard, and Shashi Bangera get to the bottom of poor Lersham’s murder.  At the moment, three of the suspects are still at large and we are looking for assistance from three intrepid conference attendees to help flesh them out. Please contact Suzanne Richard at if you are interested in playing a role.

Virtual Escape Room

Game night aficionados & puzzle solvers unite! In this breakout room, you will have to work together with other members of the OI community and test your “break out” skills by attempting to escape a secure zoom room. We doubt you would ever want to escape the Adults Social Hour, but in this room we highly recommend it!